How to save money on car insurance in Germany?

How to save money on car insurance?

Until November 30, you have the opportunity to terminate the contract with your insurance company and switch to a more favorable tariff, sometimes saving hundreds of euros. Every car in Germany must have compulsory Kfz-Haftpflichtversicherung insurance. As a rule, insurance is concluded for a calendar year and ends on December 31, regardless of when you entered into the contract. The term for notice of termination (Kündigungsfrist) is usually one month. That means, you have time until November 30 to change insurance.

How to find a better rate?

To do this, use the tariff comparison services, such as CHECK24 or Verivox. Then be sure to compare how much it costs to insure a car with HUK24, since this very cheap insurance is not present in the CHECK24 and Verivox comparison services. This way you will find the best rate for you.

What is the difference between Haftpflichtversicherung and Teilkasko and Vollkasko?

Haftpflichtversicherung, as the name suggests, is mandatory for all vehicles and covers the costs of other parties involved in an accident if you are the culprit. Teilkasko is an additional optional option that insures you against additional cases that you, as a Driver, cannot influence. Examples include theft, burglary, broken glass, natural disasters such as hail, floods and rooftop avalanches, and damage from wild animals. Teilkasko costs an extra €90 on average. Vollkasko is also optional and includes Teilkasko plus insured events created by the driver himself: that is, the insurance company will indemnify or repair your car if you are the culprit of an accident. I recommend taking Teilkasko in any case, and if the car is less than three years old and it is expensive, then I recommend taking Vollkasko.

What else should be considered when taking out insurance?

Make sure that Grobe Fahrlässigkeit is included in your tariff. In this case, the insurance pays, even if you have seriously violated the rules, for example, you drove through a red light. I also recommend taking Mallorca-Police if you rent cars abroad. This option increases the sum insured in European countries to the level of Germany.

How to save when choosing a tariff?

It is often advantageous to take a fare with Selbstbeteiligung 150, 300 or even 500€ for Teilkasko or Vollkasko, as such fares are noticeably cheaper. Selbstbeteiligung (excess) means that in case of any damage, you will pay the excess amount yourself. Also, insurance will be cheaper if you choose the option of paying once a year. In addition, the age of the youngest driver also affects the cost of the insurance policy. I also advise you to realistically evaluate the annual mileage (Jährliche Fahrleistung). If in doubt, it is better to indicate a smaller mileage. During the year it can always be increased. In addition, you can select the Werkstattbindung option. You will receive a significant discount, but in return you undertake to have your car repaired in a workshop chosen by the insurer.


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