How to save up to 600 € per year on health insurance in Germany

What kind of insurance are we talking about?

Everyone who lives in Germany must have health insurance. 87% of all residents have compulsory insurance (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung) and only those who earn more than 64.350 € per year or work as an official can insure themselves with private insurance (Private Krankenversicherung). Today we will talk about compulsory insurance.

Do compulsory insurances differ?

Yes, you can choose your insurance company (Krankenkasse). The services of all insurance companies are almost the same, but there are still slight differences both in additional services and in price.

What services are different?

Travel vaccinations, dental cleanings, pregnancy-related services, homeopathy, and cancer screening are the main list of differences. Depending on your insurance, these services may be paid or free.

How to pay less for insurance?

Most of you are probably insured with the most popular insurance companies like AOK or TK because they are famous and recommended by university, work or friends. But there are lesser-known companies that offer a wider range of services for less money. The most advantageous insurance available in all states of Germany is currently offered by hkk. For example, if you change insurance from the most expensive to the most profitable with a gross salary of 36,000 €, you will save 380 € per year, and with a salary of 60,000 € — 612 €. When choosing insurance, you should also take into account the savings from additional services - for example, dental clean.

How to find the best health insurance?

I recommend hkk insurance company. It is the cheapest and has a good range of services. If you want to choose insurance yourself, I recommend using the following health insurance comparison services:

How to change insurance?

It's very easy - just submit a new insurance application for membership, and they are obliged to accept you. Also, the new company will terminate your contract with the previous insurance company. The termination period (Kündigungsfrist) is 2 months by the end of the month. Apply for hkk insurance.

Have you already changed your insurance?

Yes, my wife and I changed insurance 3 years ago to hkk and have already saved over 1.400 euros over 3 years.


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