Opportunity card: Application, Requirements, Points System Explained

What is the Opportunity Card?

The opportunity card is a new immigration program in Germany that is scheduled to start in spring 2024. Its aim is to facilitate immigration for professionals from outside the EU, especially in areas where there is a shortage of skilled workers in Germany, such as metallurgy, craftsmen (builders, plumbers, etc.) and elderly care. The "Chancenkarte" is a residence permit for the purpose of seeking employment or for measures to recognize foreign professional qualifications in Germany.

How does it differ from the EU Blue Card?

While the Blue Card EU targets highly qualified professionals, the Opportunity Card opens doors for a broader range of professionals from various occupational fields, especially in shortage occupations.

What advantages does the opportunity card offer?

The Opportunity card entitles the holder to engage in employment for an average of a maximum of 20 hours per week and offers the possibility of a trial employment of up to two weeks each. Furthermore, it provides flexibility regarding the recognition of foreign qualifications and allows one to work in Germany while simultaneously searching for a full-time position.

How to apply for the opportunity card?

The exact details of the application process have not been published yet, but it is expected that applicants will be able to apply for the opportunity card online by submitting the required documents and being assessed through a points system.

What are the requirements for the opportunity card?

  • The applicant must be a skilled worker OR achieve a sufficient score according to a specific points table.
  • The livelihood must be secured.
  • The applicant must have either a recognized foreign professional qualification or a state-recognized foreign university degree.
  • At least sufficient German language skills or English language skills at least at level B2 are required.
  • There are further criteria based on age, professional experience, duration of stay in Germany, and other factors that are evaluated in a points system.

From when can one apply for the opportunity card?

It is expected that the opportunity card will be introduced in spring 2024, and applications can be submitted from that point onwards.


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