Will Cannabis Be Legal in Germany? Everything You Need to Know.

What's happened?

Imagine a plant that is currently completely banned, may soon become legal. Yes, we are talking about cannabis, or more precisely, its derivative - marijuana. The German government is currently considering a bill for the partial legalization of marijuana, and German society is divided on this issue. Some are rejoicing at the new law and are already ready for its entry into force, while others are outraged by the idea of legalizing light drugs.

At the moment, the law is in the final stages of adoption, and there is already a draft that, according to experts, will not be changed. Let's examine this draft and find out what will be prohibited and allowed, and how it will affect our lives.

Why do they want to legalize marijuana?

Marijuana is almost entirely prohibited in Germany, leading to its proliferation on the black market. This market is uncontrolled and unregulated, and synthetic products have recently appeared, increasing health risks. Lawmakers are striving to make marijuana consumption safer, better inform the population about the harms of marijuana, and weaken the black market.

How can hemp be grown in the future?

The new law provides for two ways of cultivating marijuana: home cultivation of up to three plants and the creation of cannabis clubs, where members can grow and purchase marijuana for their own consumption.

How much marijuana will you be allowed to carry?

According to the bill, in the future, it will be allowed to carry or possess up to 25 grams of marijuana or hashish.

Where can you smoke marijuana?

The use of marijuana in public places will be prohibited, especially within a 200-meter radius near schools, youth facilities, and sports fields. Also, smoking marijuana will be prohibited in pedestrian zones from 7 AM to 8 PM.

How will traffic regulations change in relation to marijuana?

The Ministry of Transport plans to adopt changes similar to the 0.5 per mille for alcohol, which will establish a new limit for drivers after consuming marijuana.

When will marijuana become legal?

According to an interview with the Chair of the Health Committee, the law is planned to be adopted by April 1, 2024.

Will there be commercial trade in marijuana?

In the second stage of legalization, the testing of commercial sales of marijuana in specialized stores in some federal states and cities is planned.


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